Ketchikan Salmon

My first day Salmon fishing was a blast , Ed is the man for all seasons . He is a full time Alaskan guide , moose , bear , sheep , deer , elk , and of course fishing . Here in Ketchikan , if you walk into the Safeway and ask , ” where is the meat department ” , they look around first to see who’s pulling a joke , then realize your new in town . One of the staff, will walk you to the front door , point to the mountains outside and say , just don’t shoot in the parking lot , it disturbs the neighbors .Ed and I had a great day , 1/2 hour after we dropped hooks , my first Salmon was on the line , hooked the second as well , missed the third , then we got a double hit . All in a days work ,guess what was for dinner, nothing better than fresh out of the water .We had 2 Orcas swim behind us , I missed them with the camera , but I did get the Humpback Whale .Bald Eagles fly around here , like pigeons in New York city , they wait for ED to come back to the dock , some times he gives them a carcass or 2 .  Last night we set crab pots out , lets see what happens , dungenuss   taste great .

1 thought on “Ketchikan Salmon

  1. Hey RB, was cool to have you for a guest. glad we were able to get you into some good fishing! Sometimes it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and it doesn’t hurt to get lucky! Hope you had a nice cruise through the “Inside Passage” and enjoy your time in coastal WA. Safe Travels! Your friend, Ed

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