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If you don’t have my personal  e-mail .Try these !!  for your wedding needs .

5 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Kevin it’s Jennifer and Kevin and I want to know when he can collect scuba lesson or are you offering a different lesson now ?
    It’s great to find you had a great talk with your mom hope you are well we are thanks for always being a great buddy to Craig ! We have been looking for you forever great to have found you!! We are here in WV he is a great son something to be proud of .

  2. Hi Kevin – back to reality here in the great NW (Seattle). We chatted at the bar there just days ago… no here i am at my desk. Sigh.

    Next time you make it through Seattle give a shout and we’ll buy you a beer in Ballard.

  3. I have some donated items for the ambulance at the Tulum Fire Dept. I’ve been
    bringing down MANY supplies for the past 2 years, but baggage requirements
    have made it more difficult for me to continue to do so. I have MANY oxygen masks, an EKG machine, etc.I have a condo in Akumal Sur, but you can contact
    me @ my e-mail address listed below.Thank you, in advance, for your help.Nance

  4. Just read an article about you, my old Seminole Streeet pal! Sweet. I want your autograph. All is well in Bowie. My Cameron is in 5th grade! How time does fly. Please get in touch when you can. Love you, Sue

  5. Who would of know we were sitting next to such an know person in Akumal, I saw you at that bar everyday and never went and said hi until our last night where you La Buena Vida open for an extra hour, we were staying at playa Blanca with the beagle freedom project and it was our pleaser to meet you, hope we can make it down again and spend more time with you….

    Happy travels my friend

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