BC photos

Lots of photos from the south BC , thru the top . Hells Gate is one awesome place on the river , 40-50 feet wide , the water is over 160 feet deep , coming thru there . They go rafting over that , I didn’t ! The truck with the , digging rig and gold equipment , had written Alaska or bust , on the back .


1 thought on “BC photos

  1. You know, there are rafting trips you can do down the Fraser River in Hell’s Gate. Totally awesome! By far the best whitewater rafting I’ve ever done. Scariest Hell’s Gate memory I have is driving through in a rain & hail storm in late August. If you want to see a really gorgeous area, on your way back, head through Tunnel Mountain and spend a couple days at Emerald Lake. Or, go through Jasper, AB, and to the Athabasca Glacier and the Columbia Icefields, then continue down to Lake Louise, Banff and head to Glacier Park in Montana, through Whitefish and down the coast… or over to Yellowstone.

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