Alaska Part 2

My first drive is over , now I’m traveling around the state . Fairbanks then the Kenai peninsula .Off to Ketchikan this morning , Hope to find some work , Salmon boat or the docks somewhere . The last 12 days have been fun , now its time to make some money . I put 1600 miles on a brand new Camry , thanks Avis , boy did I break it in .I left  Anchorage  Tuesday morning , headed up to Fairbanks , Stayed 2 days with , Leroy and Margaret from Casa Zama . Had a blast with them , Leroy has been in town , 45 years now . He pulled out some moose burgers , Wednesday night , damm good eatin . Did a short tour on the river , Leroy was checking out his boat . Thursday morning I did the , Mt. McKinley bus tour , 8 hours up and back  . As normal the mountain was cloudy , I saw it better on the drive down , about 7am. That night I hit the , 49th state brewery and restaurant , good buffalo meatloaf , they only  brew  1 beer now , so I had the Alaskan Ale IPA . Friday back to Anchorage , Saturday out to Homer , not feeling the best , did stop at the ” Salty Dog ” . Saw the last of game 5 Devils – LA , Sunday the Time Bandit was being loaded , got pics. of that , it looks smaller in person . Monday off to Seward , lots of mountains again , great dinner at , The Salmon Bake . Tuesday morning I hiked the Exit glacier , stood on it for a pic. or two . More pics. later .

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