The best description of me would be the ” Allman Brothers ” song , rambling man . No I was not born, in the back seat of a Greyhound bus , but I was born with the traveling gene . My father was in the navy , when he was transferred from Key West Florida , to Bellingham Washington , he drove across the country in a ’56 Chevy , with my Mom and older brother . That was June of 1960 , I was born in Dec. the same year , you do the math . That was my first road trip , I just could not see out the window . Ever since then , it’s been one trip after another . At age 50 I’ve driven thru all of the lower 48 states , lived in Mexico for quite some time , just having fun . No wife , no kids , no house , just on a world wide tour . My nick name ” Redbeard ” came from  Akumal Mexico , the bartenders at La Buena Vida , could not pronounce Kevin .


4 thoughts on “About

  1. This is great, looking for the pictures. having trouble with the reply details, this may not post.
    Stay safe; Tabasco Traveler and have a lot of fun. September is coming, when we all go home again! Kathy

  2. OK Redbeard!!!! I probably would not have recognized you on the street but you do look like your Dad. It has been quite a few years! Talked with your Mom a few minutes ago and she told me to check out Alaska. It is a beautiful country, (State).

  3. The bartenders at La Buena Vida can’t say Redbeard either 😉 We miss you Barba Roja – buen viaje y we’ll see you soon, somewhere! Besos from Bob y Chela (cause they can’t say Sherwood either!) xoxo

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