The First 100 Trips

January I had 2 trips , number 97 & 98 , up to Phoenix from Akumal , then from Texas back to town . The Texas trip was in a , 1998 Dodge van for Lighthouse Church in Tulum , so as close as I can count , that was trip ” 98 ” , sue me if I’m wrong !! March had me on the road again ,( I did buy Willie Nelsons CD , just for my theme song) , trip 99 was a long journey to California , I was co-pilot, navigator and driver . A very over loaded trailer , pulled behind a Toyota 4 runner , 4 days from here to the border , then 4 more to Dana Point Ca. , just south of LA . I spent a couple of days there in town , got my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean , not as cold as I thought , hit the ” In-Out Burger ”  double-double animal style and drag it thru the garden , if you know what that means !!  After all that fun , it was off to sunny ….ops , snowy Wisconsin . Some asked if I was on the wrong plane , no I said , I always wear flip-flops , even when it’s snowing !! I did have jeans and long sleeves on , I stepped off the plane into 2 inch’s of fresh snow and headed for the terminal . I had packed a coat , socks and sneakers , just in case . So trip 100 started out in , Appleton Wisconsin , it was a fast pace to beat the snow . The forecast  was 6-10 inch’s , I had to haul ass south , I was in Illinois  before it turned to rain . My original plan had been , to see the Harley museum in Milwaukee , then head to St. Louis , hang out with my buddy Steve Pounders , for St. Paddy’s day weekend . All of that changed , with an e-mail and a phone call , while I was in Dana Point , an idiot called me from Fort Worth Tx, he wanted me to make a fast run , from San Fransisco to the Chetumal – Bacalar area . It all sounded good , fast paced back to back trips , we played paperwork tag while I was on the road . I made it from Appleton Wi. to Eagle Pass Tx. in 36 hours , that’s almost 1600 miles . I crossed the border at 7 am. Sunday morning , everything going just fine , when I got to the hotel I was beat . Then came the news , my price was too high for moving the truck , he said a college kid would do it cheaper ,  ” I should think about it and rebid my offer ” , are you F**king kidding me !!  I blew off my whole weekend for nothing , ( note to self , deposit now required on all trips ) . Irena is quite happy , her car is here , she is 5 months pregnant  , driving her car is better , than riding with KC on the motorcycle . So Wednesday night , the 20th of March I threw a small party , just a get together at La Buena Vida , happy hour of course 5-7 pm. My 100th trip in or out in 15 years , like I said, my accounting skills are just like ” Enron ” , I’m close enough . Trip 101 … where are you ??

5 thoughts on “The First 100 Trips

  1. Kevin, Your life is never boring is it. I am in Puerto until the 25th of April. I have been here since the 2nd. It is good to be back in Mexico with friends and my Mexican Church Family. I justed wanted you to know how much Bill and I appreciated everything you did for us getting our truck to Alaska. Your the best. Take care. Stay safe and congradulations on your 100th trip. Renee’ Johnson

    Bill Johnson Independent Missionaries Mexico & Alaska U.S. Cell # (907) 306-5882

    Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 18:05:16 +0000 To:

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