The First 100 Trips

January I had 2 trips , number 97 & 98 , up to Phoenix from Akumal , then from Texas back to town . The Texas trip was in a , 1998 Dodge van for Lighthouse Church in Tulum , so as close as I can count , that was trip ” 98 ” , sue me if I’m wrong !! March had me on the road again ,( I did buy Willie Nelsons CD , just for my theme song) , trip 99 was a long journey to California , I was co-pilot, navigator and driver . A very over loaded trailer , pulled behind a Toyota 4 runner , 4 days from here to the border , then 4 more to Dana Point Ca. , just south of LA . I spent a couple of days there in town , got my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean , not as cold as I thought , hit the ” In-Out Burger ”  double-double animal style and drag it thru the garden , if you know what that means !!  After all that fun , it was off to sunny ….ops , snowy Wisconsin . Some asked if I was on the wrong plane , no I said , I always wear flip-flops , even when it’s snowing !! I did have jeans and long sleeves on , I stepped off the plane into 2 inch’s of fresh snow and headed for the terminal . I had packed a coat , socks and sneakers , just in case . So trip 100 started out in , Appleton Wisconsin , it was a fast pace to beat the snow . The forecast  was 6-10 inch’s , I had to haul ass south , I was in Illinois  before it turned to rain . My original plan had been , to see the Harley museum in Milwaukee , then head to St. Louis , hang out with my buddy Steve Pounders , for St. Paddy’s day weekend . All of that changed , with an e-mail and a phone call , while I was in Dana Point , an idiot called me from Fort Worth Tx, he wanted me to make a fast run , from San Fransisco to the Chetumal – Bacalar area . It all sounded good , fast paced back to back trips , we played paperwork tag while I was on the road . I made it from Appleton Wi. to Eagle Pass Tx. in 36 hours , that’s almost 1600 miles . I crossed the border at 7 am. Sunday morning , everything going just fine , when I got to the hotel I was beat . Then came the news , my price was too high for moving the truck , he said a college kid would do it cheaper ,  ” I should think about it and rebid my offer ” , are you F**king kidding me !!  I blew off my whole weekend for nothing , ( note to self , deposit now required on all trips ) . Irena is quite happy , her car is here , she is 5 months pregnant  , driving her car is better , than riding with KC on the motorcycle . So Wednesday night , the 20th of March I threw a small party , just a get together at La Buena Vida , happy hour of course 5-7 pm. My 100th trip in or out in 15 years , like I said, my accounting skills are just like ” Enron ” , I’m close enough . Trip 101 … where are you ??