Back on the road thru Mexico

Summer is over , I had a blast in Alaska . Now it’s time to hit the road , as some of you know , I have 3 trips under my belt , since August . Austin to Akumal with Tom del Monaco , Bob , Sherwood and their 3 dogs . Up to Kelowna BC. for Mark and Betsy , I was able to see Wendell in Texas for a couple hours, he looks fantastic , can’t wait to see him back in town .Hung out with Zubet for a day in Kelowna  , we did a winery tour , then off to Chicago . 2 nights in the windy city , Friday night I sat outside Wrigley field , Springsteen was playing inside , Liz and Bonnie live 2 blocks away . I meet them at the local bar , then off to freeload in a lawn chair outside the bleachers . The sound was good enough , I’m not a Springsteen fan but what the hell , bring a 6 pack and a lawn chair . Saturday I was off to Jackie and Davids house , I drove their Toyota Convertible  to Tanka . Next up I fly out to Austin , drive back as a tour guide , chauffeur and coyote . I have 3 more trips , lined up as well , lets hope they stay in order . I will be busy till ,mid November  so far . When it rains it pours , I’ll take the jobs . I did have a few days off , I saw the whale sharks this month , last day of the season , I was on the boat with 4 other people , only 15-16 boats , somewhere around 80-100 whale sharks , just having a good time , lots of food on the surface . I will post a link , I didn’t have a camera . Awesome sight to see , some as big as 25 feet , plus we saw a couple of baby’s , only 5 or 6 feet long . I will put up some more photos , I need to tag them first .   See Ya Redbeard

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