From Alaska to the frying pan

Here I am in Seattle , waiting to go back to Austin . To say its a weather change , would be an understatement  . From Ketchikan to Seattle is about 10 degrees warmer , same rain pattern , in Austin it will double the high of Ketchikan , high temp. of 102 -104 , versus 55-58 . The contrast is amazing , mountains – fishing – weather – roads – wildlife – prices – the only thing that stays the same , good food and beer in both places . There is more paved road between , Austin – Dallas and Ft. Worth , than the whole state of Alaska , there are more people in Austin , than the state of Alaska as well . Thats what makes Alaska so beautiful , very few Texans have found it ….. Just kidding ! I had a good time on the ferry ride from , Ketchikan to Bellingham , got on Thursday afternoon , landed Saturday morning . All along the inside passage , lots of unspoiled islands and tons of forest  , some small villages dot the landscape , not many people up there . Just think about living without , Walmart – Sears – Home Depot – HEB or Fred Meyer nearby . Everything is delivered by boat or plane , or you just do without !  I spent a couple days with , Sharon and Steve , here on Whidbey Island , just across from Everett Wa.  Thats the home of the Boeing factory , all of the planes they make 737- 787 all come out of there . Unlike the Ford plant , I went to many years ago , they don’t turn out 20 or so an hour , maybe 1 or 2 a month . Steve and Sharon have a nice house on the water , at low tide you can walk out 100 yards , good spot for crabs and clams . You can see Mt. Baker and Mt. Bachelor , on a clear day from the deck out back .

1 thought on “From Alaska to the frying pan

  1. If you are headed down the 101, stop at Tom’s Sourdough pizza for some beer and pizza on the house. Say hi to Tom. We met you in Akumal and would love to see you and put you up for a night if needed.

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