Fishing in Ketchikan

I got here in Ketchikan on Wednesday night , went fishing on Friday . My first King Salmon ever , what a blast , what a taste ….. fresh from the water ! So I went out with Marcia’s husband Ed , he is one of the top dogs here . Ed sleeps , breathes , and dreams 24/7 , hunting and fishing , he knows what he’s doing  . Along with the 3 Kings I caught , we saw a bear cub on the rocks , 2 Orcas jumping behind the boat , two far for a picture , then a Humpback Whale . Not bad for my first day on the water . I think I’m staying here till Thursday afternoon , then catch the ferry to Bellingham Washington , stay a few days there , then off to Texas or the East Coast . My idea of working on a boat , is not working for my sinuses , 55 and rainy is normal summer time  , I’ll have pneumonia in record time . I still have a lingering head cold , from  the kenai peninsula trip . Check out my pics. at Ketchikan Salmon .

4 thoughts on “Fishing in Ketchikan

  1. Sounds like a fun time. Alaska is very expensive! But fun. My Dad homesteaded a mine there when he was young and all of my bro’s worked there building and fishing and hunting. Hope you feel better. Keep in touch

  2. Yum! I miss west coast salmon. Atlantic salmon really doesn’t compare. I really miss being out west (in Canada). The mountains and the rugged Pacific Coast up there, it’s just amazing. What an adventure…. Akumal to Alaska. Sorry your sinuses aren’t lovin it. : (

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