Anchorage at Last

End of the drive , or at least the first one . I hit town about 2pm. Thursday , 15 days and 7036 miles later . Coming into Anchorage is wild , the mountains keep going to the ocean , right to the end . I stayed right by the Anchorage International Airport , Hood Lake was right behind the hotel , largest Seaplane base in the world . Their are more private planes , than people here in town . After 9/11, this place was a mess , everything outside of town , depends on plane service . 3/4’s of the state has no roads , summer time is small plane or ferry service , winter is snow machine . The snow here in town , cleared 2 weeks ago , about mid May , this was a long snowy season . Another record some didn’t want , now that its gone , time for hiking , biking and fishing . This weekend , I’m staying with Ed mans collage room mate , Alex and his wife Gayle . They have been here 15 years , in Alaska . I rented a car , for the next 8 days of adventure . I want to see the Kenai peninsula , Kenai , Homer and Seward . Then off to Fairbanks , check out Denali on the way up or back . Still need to find some work , if I want to stay for any length of time . Summer time is tourist season , all the prices go up . I have a friend here in in town , Mike knows the whole area , he said to do the Kenai . Check out a couple places as well , some famous bar in Homer . I might have to start camping , everywhere you go is RV park and campground . The number of Rv’s are equal to the moose population , motorcycle tours are popular  as well , lots of older bikers from Europe . Off to do laundry , keep checking my spot , I still need to update the US side as well .

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