Day 4 Northern Canada Still Ah !

Not all bad having a beer at 11:30 pm. , in total sunlight . Went  to bed before midnight , it was still light out . I had Caribou sausage and eggs for breakfast , nice treat , won’t get that at Turtle Bay , not yet ” work on it Bart ” . Met 2 guys who deliver  motor homes and campers  , they were at the same hotel , I spoke with them over coffee . Possible new line for me , pick up and deliver service . The road up here is much worse that before , they mark the bad spots with flags , just a stake with orange ribbon , some times a sign . 2 Moose , a bear then a though it was a dog , no it was a fox , cool as shit . Not a small red fox , this was a thick haired blonde  fox , maybe 20-25 lbs. . At the edge of the road , did not blink as I passed bye . With out music , you will fall asleep at the wheel , trust me . I need my old XM radio back , they don’t work up here , I looked it up before I left . I went to Dawson City , instead of going the southern route . I want to see the show here in town , plus go thru ” Chicken Alaska ” , yeah its tourist shit , but what the hell . I’ve been to worse !! Gas here in Dawson City is $ 1.59 , $ 6.30 a gallon , how much to Alaska ???????  The show at ” Diamond Tooth Gerrties ”  was OK  . Old school can can dancing , worth the $ 10 , what the hell . ” The Drunken Goat & Billie Goat ” were OK , not much to write about , sorry it was a let down . Down in Whitehorse , the ” Yukon Brewery has the saying , Its Worth Freezing For ” . I’ll drink it in the summer thank you , They had a good shirt , ” Chemicals and Additives are good for my toilet , not my beer ” but for $ 30 , I just copied the saying . Shit I payed $ 14.75 for a 6 pack , that was at the brewery . Anyway I’m 1 1/2 days to Anchorage from here , then who knows whats up next .

4 thoughts on “Day 4 Northern Canada Still Ah !

  1. love hearing about your adventure!!! Hope you can drive our car down to Mexico one day for us!!! Drive safe!!! 🙂

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