Day 2 Canada

After a 45 min. stop for gas ,” my bank froze the debit card overnight ” , not sure if it was stolen or not . I told them to just watch my site , they had no sense of humor . Any way onward , northward to the semi frozen land , today was a lot like yesterday . The landscape changes between , flat open fields , then lake country and mountains . It was after Bear lake , before I saw my first bear , small black guy by the side of the road . I was checking out the ski area , still had snow at 3000 ft. plus , I saw this bear plain as day . He was maybe 10 ft. from the hi way , walking in the snow , he might be a year old , not sure . That was the first of 4 for the day , all on the left side of the road , about 6 deer , 2 wild horses  and no moose yet . Around this area are lots of forest , oil and gas workers . When I passed thru the town of , Chetwynd I though it was the biggest , lumber mill I had ever seen . Close to 100 acres , of logs in piles so big , Paul Bunyan would think they were , stacks of firewood . I’m in Fort Nelson now , Not much here but , oil and gas workers . Almost everyone that works here , are outsides , the whole staff at Boston Pizza next door , are non Canadian , except the manager . The 2 waitress were Danish , the bartender German and I could have spoken to the kitchen staff , in Spanish or Mayan  . I knew gas was going to be expensive , not bad at $ 5 – 5.25 per gallon , not good either ,  but beer is insane , I should have smuggled in 20 or more cases . $ 10-18 per 6 pack  , the cheapest beer was 10.50 plus tax , anything good was $ 14-15 . I’m just glad I don’t smoke , a pack of cigarets is out of sight ,  now I see why everyone smokes BC bud . The sun went down below the horizon  around 9:30, but you could still read the paper till 11pm. outside . At 5am. you could get a tan , it was so bright .

1 thought on “Day 2 Canada

  1. Drivin’ me batty – What kind of beer was in the middle of the road that you slowed down and swooped up – you know, in 1977?

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