Canada Day 1

I started out the day from , Bellingham Wa. From I-5 took the scenic road toward , mt. Baker , that brings me to the border crossing , in the town of Sumas Wa. The Canadian girl in the booth , had been to Tulum before , she even knew where Akumal was . 3 min. with her and I was on the road again . I was on the Hi Way in no time , bright  green fields  all around  , snow caped mts. on both sides . An hour later, I started thru the Mt. route , 2 lane road winding along the river . Steep slopes tree covered , topped  with snow , maybe 2 hours later , I stopped for a look at , ” Hells Gate ” . This is a narrow passage on the river , maybe 40 ft. across , the water comes from 3 rivers upstream , just like a funnel it runs thru Hells Gate . They say the water is , 160 ft. deep as it passes thru there . There is a tram that runs down, to a platform over the river , you can hear the water from the road . 2 more hours up the road and it all changes , it starts to lose the greenery , replaced by rocky cliffs . By Cache Creek , it is more flat meadows and farms  . Still no Bigfoot sightings , but he does live around here . The weather was perfect , I’m still wearing Sandals , temp. was 75-80 all day , bright sunshine , no wind . I made it to the town of , Quesnel BC .There was a car parked in the hotel , with Kentucky tags , I was wondering if they were related , to Bart Or Dider , who else could be following me ??   Small town that you can walk the streets  at night  , I chose dinner and beer .

2 thoughts on “Canada Day 1

  1. Lucky you. I have traveled quite a bit internationally, and Canada was always the toughest country to get iny; way more difficult that East Germany or China. I was on the main road between Seattle and Vancouver, and I was detained there more than two hours. Good Luck, SteveC

  2. Ahhh, the memories I have of road trips through Hell’s Gate. I lived in Calgary for 17 yrs before meeting an American and ending up in NYC. Lots of time spent in the mountains and trips to BC.

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