Canada Ah !

Well I’m almost there , right now I’m in Bellingham Washington , this is where I was born , long time ago Ah ! I have some last minute things, to do before  I go across , that is if Rocky & Bullwinkle let me in Ah ! I think its about 3 days, to go from bottom to top of BC Ah !, then thru Yukon and out towards Alaska Ah ! The sun didn’t set till , after 9pm. tonight, I still have a way to go north , I’m going to need a watch and eye patches . I will not have phone service till, I get back to Alaskan soil . I’m not going to set up, 3 days of Canadian service just for this trip . I will fill in the blanks, from the trip up to here . So far so good, about 4500 miles under my ass, boy do I feel it ! Good beer and good time in, Bend Oregon , 10 Barrel Brewing, so good !!!!! More about them later !


See Ya Redbeard

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