My Schedule

Day 1 May 16th Akumal to Cardenas

. Left Turtle Bay Bakery 7:30 am. with pastries to go , breakfast on the road  . Down to Tulum , then out west thru , Coba & Villadolid to Merida . Got stopped at the state police checkpoint , license and registration , just checking if your legal . Then off south thru Campeche and lunch in Champoton , Pelicanos 2 is my favorite . Whole fried Snook , with salad , I love that place . Its right on the water , the Gulf of Mexico is calm and the breeze is good . After lunch its off to , Ciudad Del Carmen  , I was driving down the coast , with the Gulf on my passenger side , nice view , it was  2 hours of smooth road .From Ciudad Del Carmen , the next 2 1/2 hours , is 2 lane road ,  when this area gets flooded , the road is just above the water line . I made it to Villahermosa , before sunset , so off to the next town ,only 1/2 an hour away , I got into Cardenas before 8pm. The hotel was new , right next to the gas station , Internet was slow , nothing new from Telmex .

12 hours and 560 miles , not bad for the first day .

Day 2 May 17th       Cardenas to Matehuala

Started at 6:45 am. Out the door and on the road , from Cardenas to Agua Dulce is toll road , nice and smooth , making time . After going thru  Agua Dulce ,I’m  back on the toll road till Acayucan , got off the toll road for breakfast . 8:30 am. and my favorite chicken shack was open . I love this place , they must go thru 200 or more chickens a day . With a full belly , I’m good to go . Toll road for 3 hours or more , all 4 lanes , all the way to the end . Then its off to , the mountain road , still 4 lanes , but thru the clouds . The climb is about 3000-3500 feet , winding around Orizaba . Today it was socked in , almost no vision , I was doing 20 mph , 30 at best . When I hit the top , I was feeling better , back up to speed . The toll road continues, past the VW plant in Puebla , then off to the bypass around Mexico Shitty . Too cloudy to see the volcano , popocatepetl , it has been erupting lately , I’ve seen it on previous trips , always smoke coming out . I made it to Queretaro , long before I expected too , off the toll road then past Santa Maria Del Rio , another good area in the mountains , I’ve stayed there before . When I got to San Luis Potosi , it was 6 pm. another 2 hours on the road , I would make Matehuala . I made the Hotel Las Palmas before 8 pm. once again , just before sunset . Great hotel , lots of people stay there , nice restaurant .

13 hours on the road . Good nights sleep , well needed !

Day 3  Friday May 18th  Matehuala to Austin Texas

8am. good belly full , ready for the road . Toll road from here to Saltillo , then on 2 lane thru hills and valleys .Some small towns along the way , mostly open road . Monclova is the next big town , thats where my buddy Ed man is from . From there I’m only 3 hours, from the border , I still have 1 more town to go thru , Sabinas is the last real town before , Piedras Negras , I gassed up in Sabinas , one last time in Mexico  . Piedras Negras is my crossing point , the US side is Eagle Pass Texas . I’ve crossed the border so many times , I should know these guys by name . After a brief search of the truck , the customs people were satisfied , no drugs – people or animals . Next stop Austin Texas , 4 hours later , I’m done for the day . Awesome BBQ dinner , a couple beers and say good night . Safe on the US side without any problems , once again .

12 hours on the road . Another good day !!

2000 miles done in 3 days , 4500 to go !!!

Day 4 Austin Tx for the day , make that 2 days .

Saturday was oil change and switch phone service , AT& T has the best coverage in Alaska and out west as well .

Sunday is my day to chill and repack , I don’t need 5 prs. of shorts , I will need some long pants , long sleeve shirts and leave my Mexican stuff at Wreckie’s place .

Day 5 Austin to Roswell Nm.

I’ve been thru Austin many times , going west is easy to get out of town . Stay on 290 going to the hill country , I passed thru several small towns , The big one is Fredricksburg , Czech and German immigrants, settled this area in the 1800’s , along with farming they brought sausage and BBQ . Many Texans don’t even know , who brought this style with them , from the old country . After that its , 60-75 miles to boring ass I-10 , the speed limit is 80 mph. so you can get past everything out there . If you run off the road , you might hit a cactus , so what !! When I got to Ft. Stockton , the route north was under construction , oh well , off thru Carlsbad then Roswell . Lots of oil fracking going on out there , I must have passed 60 or more , oil drilling trucks , plus countless pickups on the road . I was amazed at the airport in Roswell , as I drove in , their were a dozen or more 747’s , DC-10 ‘s and other large aircraft on the ground . I first though aliens , had gotten them , and this was there warehouse , not this time . Then I drove around to the entrance , it was a repair shop and storage lot . American Airlines must have , 75 planes or more , just sitting on the ground , waiting to be sold or scrapped , most were MD- 80’s . Older less fuel efficient planes , with more flight time on them . Some planes were just brought in , then ripped up for parts . On to the Best Western , drinks and a whirlpool are next . Best way to finish the day !!

Day 6 Roswell to Green River Ut.

From Roswell I took 285 north to  I-40 , jumped off at I-25 north , then out thru Cuba and the 4 corners , I’ve seen this area before , not much interest , The place I wanted to go thru so bad , was Moab Utah . Last trip down from Seattle , I was amazed with the number of hotels , restaurants and shops . Turns out this is, the entrance to Arches national park , summer time is their , big money season , hiking – biking and rafting . The cheapest night in a hotel , was $ 129 plus tax , for something that was 40 yr. old , and looked like it . I went 45 min. up the road ,  to Green River Utah , just off I-70 . The Motel 6 was 3 years old , free wi-fi and $ 49 with tax . The hotel next door , was on the river with a restaurant and view . Sold out , just my luck , but the food was good .

Day 7 Green River Ut.  to  Parma Id

Utah has a lot of mountains and Mormons , passing thru any subdivision , you are likely to see more that  1 church , sometimes 3-4 . The elevation gets higher , the temp. drops , sometimes you see snow . Not this time , but it was colder , I’m still wearing shorts and flip flops . The wind was blowing me backwards , when you step out , you know how cold it really is . By 5 pm. I was at Karl & Suzie’s house , just outside of Parma , Idaho . They still run the family farm , its been in Karl’s family for generations . This year they have Potatoes ,Onions   and Wheat seed . Come September , I’ve got a job driving a truck , a field truck that is , never done it before !! How bad can I screw up , drive down the field ,stay  next to a harvester , don’t try to race him for the barn . Anyway we had a blast , took off across the bridge , to Oregon , had dinner with Fred & Kathy , more of the Akumalic crowd . Great dinner at Bob’s Steakhouse and” Tavern or Saloon” ?? Karl & Suzie’s house is right, on the Snake river , ” You can see Oregon from their house ” plus lots of deer and critters . Suzie packed a to go basket , in case I got lost , or was about to starve to death . Venison peperoni sticks and salami , with crackers !! Karl is no skinny farmer either , never trust one of them !!

Day 8 Parma to Bend Oregon .

When I left Idaho , it was 63 and sunny , that was before noon time .The drive to Bend , winds thru a mountain pass , nice river next to the road . I have no idea what the speed limit was , when the first cop passed me ,  he did hit the brakes . Lucky for me , that’s all he did ,then right behind him was another Oregon state trooper . So far so good , I’ll stick to less than 65 mph. Before I even got to Bend , about 45 min. out , the temp. started dropping , then I saw snow flakes , oh well a couple flakes , then less then 10 mins. it was white outside , the sides were covered , then there was slush 2 in. thick on the road . Mind you I’m still wearing , sandals and a t-shirt , what an idiot !!  5 min. before Bend , 48 degrees and cloudy , what a time . In Bend I stopped at the Shell station , this one you have to Goggle , check out ….. The Balloon Guy Kent Couch . He fly’s from the gas station , to Idaho in a lawn chair with helium balloons , every year he does this , around the 4th of July  , I’ll  go by car thank you !! I met Tami, at the 10 Barrel Brewery in Bend Or , 541-585-1007 , they have  some great handcrafted  beer , I love a good IPA , the best was , Apocalypse . For food I had the Lamb Burger , feta cheese and cranberries mixed with ground Lamb . My waitress Kate , said the Pesto Potato salad was awesome , oh god was she right !! I almost licked the bowl , that was the best I’ve ever had , just the right mix !  ” Get on it Bart ” you know people up there , send somebody in !

Last Day in The US

From Bend , I went north to visit , my aunt Jean and her husband Terry . They have driven to Alaska by motor home , not to miss anything , I took notes . Damm good thing I did , they had the best spots to see , places to stay . Just out side of Tacoma Washington , I saw my uncle Leigh , he also lives in Mexico , during the winter , he and his wife Lynn have been traveling by car for 10 years or so . They have 3 dogs , which is hard to do by plane . It seems everyone in my family,  just has to travel no matter who they are . Off to the hotel !!

11 thoughts on “My Schedule

  1. Hey Buddy Hope your trip goes well! Sounds like fun! Any chance you might make it for the Grey Cup in Toronto?

  2. when are you passing thru here again? This once a decade thing? – not liking it so much 😉
    love you. be safe…. susara

  3. Great blog Redbeard! Keep in touch. Give me a call, Tom will be coming in to St. Louis Friday nite then we are off to the Indy 500 this weekend!

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