Hello world!

As Willie Nelson said ” I’m on the road again ” , I should have this as my theme song . This trip is from Akumal Mexico , to Anchorage Alaska , starting May 16th 2012 . I’m driving a pick up back to Alaska for a client , Bill and Renee drove down 3 years ago . This has always been on my bucket list , just to go to Alaska , better yet drive there , best of all get paid for it . It should be about 2, weeks more or less , door to door , 6500 miles or 10,000 km. Summer is just starting, by the time I get there , still cool but nothing like where I am now . If all goes well , I will stay for the summer , work my way around the state . I’ll do my best to keep this updated , I’m going to wear out a camera . Please feel free, to pass this blog around , like prison money . Thanks Redbeard


18 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Love this and great photo of you! Buen viaje and stay safe and call me when you need bail money. RUV ROO from Bob and me and the beachmutts & junglecats! xoxo s

  2. Alaska is my dream…someday…:) Have a blast, if you pass our way you have a place to stay and we will even feed you, you crazy man…kiss and hugs

  3. Awesome!! That is a road trip with teeth… I am jealous πŸ˜€ Have a blast and enjoy the midnight sun!!

  4. Redbeard, Margaret and LeRoy from Casa Zama downstairs–we live in Fairbanks and would like to have you out for a moose meat dinner if you make it up this far. It would be a real shame for you to come all that way and not visit Interior Alaska, so give us a call. June 21st, the solstice, is a real party up here–
    M & LR

  5. Very cool! I’m always wondering where you are….just in case I need a red wagon, or something, picked up along your route πŸ˜‰
    buen viaje!

  6. HI Keveen, Good luck on your adventure… and keep us posted. Love, Kendall and Jake in Playa del Carmen with an old 1998 baby blue Ford Explorer. (thanks to you)

  7. Well, too late now, but come visit me in Northern CA next time you pass through! We even have good beer here in wine country!

  8. Hi Red Beard
    sounds like a great adventure ..Enjoy your stay in the Northern territory well miss you at Xmas in Akumal

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