The First 100 Trips

January I had 2 trips , number 97 & 98 , up to Phoenix from Akumal , then from Texas back to town . The Texas trip was in a , 1998 Dodge van for Lighthouse Church in Tulum , so as close as I can count , that was trip ” 98 ” , sue me if I’m wrong !! March had me on the road again ,( I did buy Willie Nelsons CD , just for my theme song) , trip 99 was a long journey to California , I was co-pilot, navigator and driver . A very over loaded trailer , pulled behind a Toyota 4 runner , 4 days from here to the border , then 4 more to Dana Point Ca. , just south of LA . I spent a couple of days there in town , got my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean , not as cold as I thought , hit the ” In-Out Burger ”  double-double animal style and drag it thru the garden , if you know what that means !!  After all that fun , it was off to sunny ….ops , snowy Wisconsin . Some asked if I was on the wrong plane , no I said , I always wear flip-flops , even when it’s snowing !! I did have jeans and long sleeves on , I stepped off the plane into 2 inch’s of fresh snow and headed for the terminal . I had packed a coat , socks and sneakers , just in case . So trip 100 started out in , Appleton Wisconsin , it was a fast pace to beat the snow . The forecast  was 6-10 inch’s , I had to haul ass south , I was in Illinois  before it turned to rain . My original plan had been , to see the Harley museum in Milwaukee , then head to St. Louis , hang out with my buddy Steve Pounders , for St. Paddy’s day weekend . All of that changed , with an e-mail and a phone call , while I was in Dana Point , an idiot called me from Fort Worth Tx, he wanted me to make a fast run , from San Fransisco to the Chetumal – Bacalar area . It all sounded good , fast paced back to back trips , we played paperwork tag while I was on the road . I made it from Appleton Wi. to Eagle Pass Tx. in 36 hours , that’s almost 1600 miles . I crossed the border at 7 am. Sunday morning , everything going just fine , when I got to the hotel I was beat . Then came the news , my price was too high for moving the truck , he said a college kid would do it cheaper ,  ” I should think about it and rebid my offer ” , are you F**king kidding me !!  I blew off my whole weekend for nothing , ( note to self , deposit now required on all trips ) . Irena is quite happy , her car is here , she is 5 months pregnant  , driving her car is better , than riding with KC on the motorcycle . So Wednesday night , the 20th of March I threw a small party , just a get together at La Buena Vida , happy hour of course 5-7 pm. My 100th trip in or out in 15 years , like I said, my accounting skills are just like ” Enron ” , I’m close enough . Trip 101 … where are you ??

The Fundraiser Goes On !!

Saturday night was amazing , we raised over $ 3000. There was some much stuff available , some things were not bid on . So here we go , till Sunday night at least for most items . We still have 2 beachfront weeks , one in Akumal at Playa Blanca , 3 bdrm condo , bid is at $600 so far . The next one is Casa Cenote Hotel  , 6 nts. for 2 in the hotel , includes breakfast , bid is $ 400 . Both are on Facebook , check the last posting for link . These two will last till Dec. ??


Thanks to Everyone  Redbeard .

Saturday Night Fundraiser at Tequilaville Akumal Nov. 17th

Hello from Akumal , we will be having a fund raiser , Saturday night the 17th of Nov. This will be at Tequilaville Restaurant , from 3pm. till 9pm. CST , there will be a silent auction , with lots of good stuff . Among the items , a week stay in a 3 bdrm. beachfront condo , a 3 nt. stay at Vista Del Mar hotel , 1/2 day fly fishing trip for 2 , a hand made custom chair , a ladies 24″ aluminum beach cruiser bike , several gift certificates for local restaurants and more . There is also a raffle  , first prize is a 3 nt. stay at Villas Flamingo here in Akumal , 2nd prize 2 tickets for Edventure extreme tour and 3rd prize is breakfast for 2 at Turtle Bay Bakery . I will be manning the phone and this web site , doing my best Jerry Lewis imitation , for those who are not able to make it , but would like to bid or just help out . This benefit is for Ani Nicoll who has Breast Cancer. She is a long time resident of Akumal, and is now undergoing radiation treatment in Merida . We all wish her the best of luck .  Anything you do will help . Thanks Redbeard  984-129-2185 mx. cell . Tequilaville  Magic Jack number 586-231-2110 US number .

The auction for the 3 bdrm. beachfront condo will be on Facebook  , we will also have another beachfront place as well. Visit Facebook and “like” Fundraiser for Ani –

Photo of Half Moon Bay by Scott Brown. Minimum Bid $100 USD/$5 increment

Beach fence photo by Scott Brown. Minimum Bid $100/$5 increment

Palm tree sketch by Shaleh Clark. Minimum Bid $35/$5 increment


Pool side ink drawing by Shaleh Clark. Minimum Bid $25/$5 increment

Progresso Beach pencil drawing by Shaleh Clark. Minimum Bid $35/$5 increment

Shells pencil drawing by Shaleh Clark. Minimum Bid $35/$5

Progresso Beach pencil sketch by Shaleh Clark.  Minimum Bid $35/$5 increment

Blue crystal and bead necklace and bracelet set. Minimum Bid $15/$3 increment

Internet wifi router. Minimum Bid $200pesos/ $20 pesos increment

Swimsuit. Minimum Bid $200p/$15p increment

Bikini swimsuit. Size Lg  Minimum Bid $200 pesos/$15p increment

Lord of the Ruins print by Richard Mazzola. Minimum Bid $12/$3 increment

Iguana & Cozumel photos by Bijan Zade. Set of two. Minimum Bid $400 pesos/$15 peso increment

Iguana & Cozumel photos by Bijan Zade. Set of two. Minimum Bid $400 pesos/$15 peso increment

Beaded necklace with monkey charm, handmade by Nancy Poor. Minimum Bid $100 pesos/$10 peso increment

Fly Fishing excursion with Rhett Schober.  Sold Thank You !

Akumal 50th Anniversary Commemorative Poster. Minimum Bid $12/$3 increment

Sun Print by artist Oscar Romero. Minimum Bid $40/$10 increment

Obama poster by artist Oscar Romero. Minimum Bid $75/$15 increment

Palm Tree Sketch by Oscar Romero. Minimum Bid $80/$10 increment

Also available for bidding:

Attractions & Activities

Hidden Worlds Adventure Package for Two, includes lunch.  Minimum Bid $60/$10 increment

Casa Cenote – 6 night stay in beachfront hotel, breakfast included for two people. Minimum Bid $300//15 increment . This is on Facebook till Dec.

Playa Blanca – Seven night stay in luxury three bedroom oceanfront penthouse condo with private terraces and beach.  Minimum Bid $555, $50 increment. This is on Facebook till Dec.


An evening with the Most Interesting Man in Akumal.  Includes romantic dinner on the beach, cocktails and philosophical insights. Dessert is up to winner. He does not go rollerblading. (PS – You pay for dinner and cocktails)  SOLD !

Also available:

Black and white framed photos taken in 1927 of Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and Labna. 5×7 matted Minimum Bid $20/$5 increase.  5×7 framed without mat Minimum Bid $10, $3 incrememts
Muchas gracias to all of you for your support!

Back on the road thru Mexico

Summer is over , I had a blast in Alaska . Now it’s time to hit the road , as some of you know , I have 3 trips under my belt , since August . Austin to Akumal with Tom del Monaco , Bob , Sherwood and their 3 dogs . Up to Kelowna BC. for Mark and Betsy , I was able to see Wendell in Texas for a couple hours, he looks fantastic , can’t wait to see him back in town .Hung out with Zubet for a day in Kelowna  , we did a winery tour , then off to Chicago . 2 nights in the windy city , Friday night I sat outside Wrigley field , Springsteen was playing inside , Liz and Bonnie live 2 blocks away . I meet them at the local bar , then off to freeload in a lawn chair outside the bleachers . The sound was good enough , I’m not a Springsteen fan but what the hell , bring a 6 pack and a lawn chair . Saturday I was off to Jackie and Davids house , I drove their Toyota Convertible  to Tanka . Next up I fly out to Austin , drive back as a tour guide , chauffeur and coyote . I have 3 more trips , lined up as well , lets hope they stay in order . I will be busy till ,mid November  so far . When it rains it pours , I’ll take the jobs . I did have a few days off , I saw the whale sharks this month , last day of the season , I was on the boat with 4 other people , only 15-16 boats , somewhere around 80-100 whale sharks , just having a good time , lots of food on the surface . I will post a link , I didn’t have a camera . Awesome sight to see , some as big as 25 feet , plus we saw a couple of baby’s , only 5 or 6 feet long . I will put up some more photos , I need to tag them first .   See Ya Redbeard

From Alaska to the frying pan

Here I am in Seattle , waiting to go back to Austin . To say its a weather change , would be an understatement  . From Ketchikan to Seattle is about 10 degrees warmer , same rain pattern , in Austin it will double the high of Ketchikan , high temp. of 102 -104 , versus 55-58 . The contrast is amazing , mountains – fishing – weather – roads – wildlife – prices – the only thing that stays the same , good food and beer in both places . There is more paved road between , Austin – Dallas and Ft. Worth , than the whole state of Alaska , there are more people in Austin , than the state of Alaska as well . Thats what makes Alaska so beautiful , very few Texans have found it ….. Just kidding ! I had a good time on the ferry ride from , Ketchikan to Bellingham , got on Thursday afternoon , landed Saturday morning . All along the inside passage , lots of unspoiled islands and tons of forest  , some small villages dot the landscape , not many people up there . Just think about living without , Walmart – Sears – Home Depot – HEB or Fred Meyer nearby . Everything is delivered by boat or plane , or you just do without !  I spent a couple days with , Sharon and Steve , here on Whidbey Island , just across from Everett Wa.  Thats the home of the Boeing factory , all of the planes they make 737- 787 all come out of there . Unlike the Ford plant , I went to many years ago , they don’t turn out 20 or so an hour , maybe 1 or 2 a month . Steve and Sharon have a nice house on the water , at low tide you can walk out 100 yards , good spot for crabs and clams . You can see Mt. Baker and Mt. Bachelor , on a clear day from the deck out back .

Fishing in Ketchikan

I got here in Ketchikan on Wednesday night , went fishing on Friday . My first King Salmon ever , what a blast , what a taste ….. fresh from the water ! So I went out with Marcia’s husband Ed , he is one of the top dogs here . Ed sleeps , breathes , and dreams 24/7 , hunting and fishing , he knows what he’s doing  . Along with the 3 Kings I caught , we saw a bear cub on the rocks , 2 Orcas jumping behind the boat , two far for a picture , then a Humpback Whale . Not bad for my first day on the water . I think I’m staying here till Thursday afternoon , then catch the ferry to Bellingham Washington , stay a few days there , then off to Texas or the East Coast . My idea of working on a boat , is not working for my sinuses , 55 and rainy is normal summer time  , I’ll have pneumonia in record time . I still have a lingering head cold , from  the kenai peninsula trip . Check out my pics. at Ketchikan Salmon .

Anchorage at Last

End of the drive , or at least the first one . I hit town about 2pm. Thursday , 15 days and 7036 miles later . Coming into Anchorage is wild , the mountains keep going to the ocean , right to the end . I stayed right by the Anchorage International Airport , Hood Lake was right behind the hotel , largest Seaplane base in the world . Their are more private planes , than people here in town . After 9/11, this place was a mess , everything outside of town , depends on plane service . 3/4’s of the state has no roads , summer time is small plane or ferry service , winter is snow machine . The snow here in town , cleared 2 weeks ago , about mid May , this was a long snowy season . Another record some didn’t want , now that its gone , time for hiking , biking and fishing . This weekend , I’m staying with Ed mans collage room mate , Alex and his wife Gayle . They have been here 15 years , in Alaska . I rented a car , for the next 8 days of adventure . I want to see the Kenai peninsula , Kenai , Homer and Seward . Then off to Fairbanks , check out Denali on the way up or back . Still need to find some work , if I want to stay for any length of time . Summer time is tourist season , all the prices go up . I have a friend here in in town , Mike knows the whole area , he said to do the Kenai . Check out a couple places as well , some famous bar in Homer . I might have to start camping , everywhere you go is RV park and campground . The number of Rv’s are equal to the moose population , motorcycle tours are popular  as well , lots of older bikers from Europe . Off to do laundry , keep checking my spot , I still need to update the US side as well .

Last Day in Canada ah !

Last day going north , after this its west , then south to Anchorage . From Dawson City to Tok Alaska , is ” Only 185 miles ” piece of cake right !! Check out Mapquest , 6 1/2 hrs. IF the road is open , Sept. 15th its closed for the season , reopens around the middle of May . Some of it is paved , most is gravel on the Canadian side , then the US side is dirt for 40 miles or so , glad it wasn’t raining , that would be mud ! I had $ 60 Canadian cash, to spend before I leave , might as well get gas for the ride , $ 1.59 a litter or $6.25 a gallon , and you don’t even  get a kiss with that . As I pulled in to the Shell , their was a guy in ” 75 Fleetwood Caddy , he has a set of cattle horns , mounted to the front . He has to be a lost or misplaced Texan for sure , nope he is from Yellowknife , Northwest territory of Canada . I asked if I could take a picture , of the Caddy , sure thing he says . I asked about the car , he starts talking like were old friends , “75 still runs good , 16 mpg. tires are 20 years old . He was just a blast to talk with , he asked where I was coming from ,” Akumal Mexico that’s a long and dangerous journey my friend ” . How far is Yellowknife ?  ,” maybe 1500 miles , half is dirt and gravel , but I came to see a friend here in town , I have the summer off ” . When I walked back from the store , he was writing something on a book mark , he handed it to me , ” check this out when have time ” , it was a book he wrote . I thought he must own a fishing or hunting lodge up there , I was looking at it as I got in the truck , then read it again . He had autographed it , I walked back to ask , if I was saying his last name right  , Deb-a-gor-ski , Alex Debogorski from Ice Road Truckers TV show , Yep one and the same he says , on the show he is the quiet one , in person he could talk circles around me . We spent 20 min.bullshiting  out side the store , I took a couple of photos , I’m wearing a new La Buena Vida shirt , ( Thanks Jamie ) .The new season starts June 3rd , be sure to watch , his book is ” King of the Road ” .  the life and times of a legendary ice road trucker .Maybe if I sell enough books for him , I could do a guest spot , next season , you know misplaced Mexican with sandals  .  He drives across frozen lakes for a living , but he said driving thru Mexico was dangerous !! I gave him my card with the web address , he thought that was a great idea .  After that I just laughed all day long ,  the drive across the ” Top of the World Highway “,  was breath taking and 7 hrs. I stopped for photos and more photos . After I crossed the border , into Alaska and US soil once again , I was checking out the road side , streams and creeks abound , I stopped for photos with a Gold Miner , he was just setting up for the summer , camper , tent , 2 gold dredges  , lots of time on his hands , he said there are about 1000 people , full time looking for gold in the area of 40 mile creek . Off to Chicken Alaska , big gold mining town as well , a 16 oz. bottle of Coke was , $ 3.00 USD , you better find a lot of gold . On to Tok Alaska , good food and phone service once again , gas was $ 4.86 a gallon . A couple more moose , along the way , I saw a place that was built in 1901 , Gakona Lodge, cabins for rent , restaurant and tavern , sold out for 2 weeks the girl said , when she asked where I was coming from , I told her Akumal , she has a sister doing church work in Coba !! I stayed in Glennallen , not to my liking , $ 149 with no free internet or breakfast . I got to Anchorage , about 2 pm. Bill and Renee were happy to hear I made it , safe and sound . Now I have some time , to fill in the gaps , get pictures up , I took over 200 photos , how many moose do you want to see ?????